** LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! ** Tucked away in the San Fernando Valley (30 minutes from Beverly Hills - just north of Warner Center) lies CANOGA VILLAGE® a 12 acre gem of Motion Picture, Television, Music Production, and other Industrial Tenants • Adjacent to the San Fernando Valley’s largest Police Station => added security • Costco and Home Depot on the corner and just a block away from Lowe's® => convenient supplies • Across the street from the outlet of Metro’s "Orange Line" [night-lighted] Walk, Run, or Bike-Path => alternate parking, low-cost transportation, and pure "Walk 'n' Roll" FUN!! • New Gas Station just a few feet south of the subdivision => Fill it up! • *AND* ..... {"Wait for it"} ............................................................> Our own "DOG PARK!" ********** ALL KINDS OF TENANTS WELCOME! ******* COME JOIN US *** >>>>>>>>>>>>

1600 Amps

*** Call 323-855-1520 For Availability !!! ***

62' X 122'7

** E X P A N D A B L E **

(with this next door space)

to 16,000 square feet

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